About the conference

LAtINiTY is a two-day conference in which participants will have the opportunity to listen to women leaders in the region and discuss gender issues in computing and technology. Meet Latin American women who share your passion for technology; assist to expand your professional network; Use this opportunity to make your work visible. It is the first time that an event of this nature (and size) is held in Latin America, help us change history with your participation!

To participate, send a proposal to talk about research (Academic track), your work in a company (Industry track), or on gender issues in universities and organizations (Society track). Proposals are received for all tracks of university students and professionals of any level – from undergraduate students, employees of companies, to women in high positions in companies, government, and educational institutions. Proposals can be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. The conference will have simultaneous translation services.

We will also have an Innovative track, a competition in which participants will have the opportunity to propose ideas for applications. The judges of the competition will be collaborators of our sponsoring companies. Students will also be able to participate in our Product Visioning Challenge, where teams will work on prototypes of technological solutions to problems that affect Latin American women. There will be prizes for the first place in the Innovators track and the Product Visioning Challenge. Instructions to participate in both events will be available on the website at an upcoming date.

We plan to offer scholarships to help participants cover travel and accommodation expenses. The application process will begin in May, and will close at the end of July. If your organization can help fund scholarships, please check our Sponsor page to see how your organization can sponsor LAtINiTY.

Academic Track

The purpose of the academic track is to provide women in technology with the opportunity to present their research papers:

Research projects that are being lead by them, published results (2016 – present), or ongoing researches

The committee encourages applicants to submit applications for all types of research, from central topics in computer science, to applications, including, but not limited to, data structure and algorithms, artificial intelligence, communications and security, computer graphics, databases, human-computer interaction, software engineering, and computer theory.

Valid formats of presentation:

Full presentations (15 minutes per presentation, 5 minutes for questions)
Talks for students (5 minutes)

Industry Track

The purpose of the industry track is to offer women a space to present innovative projects or technologies that they led or helped to build. We invite you to submit applications describing the problem you solved, the proposed solution and the current status of the project, lessons learned, and future work.

Valid formats of presentation

Valid formats of presentation: Full presentations (15 minutes per presentation, 5 minutes for questions)

Society Track

The purpose of the society track is to show the work done during the current year to promote the participation of women in computing in Latin America. This includes the presentation of studies about the situation of women in the area. We also invite you to present non-technical topics that may be of interest to the participants, such as career advancement, work-life balance and motherhood, among others.

Valid formats of presentation:

Full presentations (15 minutes per presentation, 5 minutes for questions)

Panels (60 minutes): start with a panel introduction (10 minutes), followed by questions and answers (50 minutes). It is preferred that diverse panels be formed and with members of different organizations.